Friday, April 18, 2008


Wednesday 16th April.

Well over the hump and into the home stretch, and daresay it seems a little weird. Still producing minimal milk but maximum milky art, and getting a lot of writing and reading and musing and note-making done, so… think it has all been worthwhile. Not that I will probably comprehend it all until it is over. Today was rather quiet, blogged a bit, pumped some, had a visit from a friend with her baby (bringing me very yummy homemade pear and banana bread), and Greg who runs the gallery. Collective Matt came in and we played around more with milk and food colouring and detergent, filming it this time and making plans for similar fun tomorrow. Y turned up for a chat, bringing me still-warm pumpkin soup he’d just made, with excellent fancypants bread rolls and yoghurt. Then to top off the gastronomic delights, Madame came in to visit and bought us all manner of goodness from the Mediterranean chicken shop a few doors down from the gallery. Have started writing more on my PhD today, and typing out notes and whatnot again, and feel in a somewhat academic headspace. It’s a good thing. Tomorrow brings some filming, possibly a visit from M-Bear with some cling wrap, a woman from QLD stopping by to hang out and talk maternal sexuality, a chat with a boy who will be doing some milky slam poetry on the closing night, and hopefully some more writing. Now, back to my books…



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