Monday, April 14, 2008


Thursday 10th April.

Doze past the first daytime pump time at 8am but do a bit extra at 9 or so. Give myself a sort of sponge bath in the kitchen ‘cos I can’t be arsed trying to work the camp shower yet (though will have to at some stage I imagine). Still not convinced re the electric pump, hospital grade or not it doesn’t get ANY milk out of me, whereas I get a bit with the manual one. Open gallery for first day of ‘general public access.’ In the end this consists of some people looking for the owner, a woman who did an exhibition here a while ago and had been told about my show by the owner, some people who are going to be part of the collective here, including one boy who is coming in tomorrow to do some art with me. Pump more, drink fennel tea and a heap of coffee, have some lunch, read and highlight some articles to play with later. Have had a few entries into my Milky Memories and Meanings book, some funny and some poignant. Get a phone call from a reporter for The Glebe who wants to interview me tomorrow and send a photographer on Monday so I can be talked about in next week’s local paper. Talk to and text some other folks about upcoming projects- Sunday is going to be hectic with a short film shoot and then a major piercing session. Close up the gallery and cook dinner. Realise I haven’t brought a can opener (but found one here!), or soy sauce, or salt and pepper, and that my tofu has frozen solid in the fridge (and is now RUBBER) and so my stir-fry is not one of my finest efforts. Heck, it has vegies and some nutritional value so will eat it anyway. Feeling a bit demented. And cold- should have brought more warm clothes with me. Hmm. Of all the TVs I have found in this place so far I can’t get one to work. One does have a radio function though, so I have some other voices to listen to. Think this is important for me, as even though I have had plenty of visitors and calls and texts I am sort of feeling lonely and teary already. Might just be the hormones? And I’m knackered, and the milk-making is sporadic, up and down, can’t tell what will happen from one session to the next. Hopefully this very frequent pumping routine will kick-start it in the next few days, as even though most of the ‘art’ is possible to fake/do with cow’s milk or soy milk etc, it would be nice to have enough of my own to experiment with. I feel weird, and a bit isolated. Speak to a beautiful friend from afar, but the second we hang up it seems I might have dreamed it all. Ah, back to EndNote, and maybe a doze. This is going to be HARD.

Oh, and there ISN’T a wireless connection that I can use so not sure how and when I will be able to post. Do the old ‘stick it on a USB key and then run in next door to quickly send it all and answer urgent emails’ I guess? VERY annoying, but what to do? Anyone has ANY suggestions please call me or text me with them!



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