Monday, April 14, 2008


Wednesday 9th April.

Come in mid-morning with last of my stuff and get to work setting up. Cover the bay window in black cloth, hang huge lace curtain over top of that. In front lay down white fur fabric, place rocking chair there and wrap big furry spider around it (yes Miss Muffet), blue milk crate beside it with pumps set up on top. Mim-In-Boots came in with an edit of the Hera footage we shot last year- me in big wig and nipple tassels with streams of pearls, chewing up silver cachous and lychees and rice pudding, spitting into the bowl/sky, licking, dribbling, milk all over my breasts- and sets it up to screen on the wall next to the milking chair scenario. Film is in colour, but projector only wants to do black and white and it looks fabulous, really. Scratchy and decadent, lace and fake crystal and feathers. Doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, but is titty and milky and pretty…

Opening, or rather non-opening, night. Around 15 assorted folk rock up to Don’t Look to celebrate the fact that I am about to lock myself up and lactate in an art gallery until Saturday week. Buy lots of booze, and a copy of Time Out with a full page article about my show. Quite like the article, and the picture isn’t bad (me looking all serious in a butcher’s apron in a cool room full of meat-should have work my cow mask), though the caption below tells folk that I will be pumping for four or six hours AT A TIME. Seriously, if you typed that out wouldn’t it occur to you to say to yourself ‘what the? Maybe I better check that fact there? What the heck ARE hir nipples made of anyway?’. Drink too much stout (good for my milk, or so the old wives say), talk a lot of piffle, generally enjoy myself and have crawled up to sleep in the mezzanine by midnight or so. People seem to like what I have done to the space, I get asked to do an interview for the next Slit- the ‘weird science’ issue, a special someone stays for a while after the others have gone. Nice night. Wake at 4:30am freaking out about pumping, pump sleepily for a wee while then crash back to sleep. All in all not a bad start.



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