Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Smells like Cow-Boy

Research by the University of Chicago was quoted in a 2002 New Scientist article, 'Go for it, baby' by Alison Motluk, which states that 'smells associated with breastfeeding increased sexual intimacy in childless women volunteers'. Whilst the women did not actually report increased sexual activity, it seems that the study participants who sniffed absorbant pads that had been placed in the bras and under the arms of breastfeeding women 'did report significantly heightened and more enduring sexual desire and fantasies'.

In the same article, Richard Brown of Dalhousie Uni points out that higher than normal progesterone levels are found in breastfeeding women:

"'Maybe the high progesterone acts like an androgen' he speculates. 'Maybe it's the weirdest of possible things and they're producing male-like odours'".

The other day someone made a comment about me smelling like a boy, but I figured it was just that the fenugreek made me smell a lot stronger than I normally do and this was confusing to whoever it was (after all, boys are as rule much stinkier creatures than girls). Maybe there is a sideline business in this? I can compete with those little pheromone-impregnated towelettes that come from pub toilet vending machines... surely the Japanese will go fo it, if nobodye else!

And just as an amusing aside, someone on one of the adult nursing lists was asking about cream to help heal or prevent cracked nipples. Another member replied by suggesting Bag Balm, a beautifully named product originally designed for cows. Apparently it can be bought in some US drug stores as well as feed stores etc. If anyone finds any out here please let me know. My nipples are fine, but I love the name :)


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