Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I Make Milk (front)... What's Your SuperPower?(back)

So proclaims the t-shirt I was wearing yesterday. Got MUCH more of a reaction than I anticipated! In Newtown: 'that's a very cheeky shirt' from an old woman, plus two Reading Out Loud, one from a teenage boy who nearly wet himself when I told him I meant it, and the other from a mother/daughter duo who laughed when they read the back. In Randwick at the Hospital a few mean looks from middle-aged bitches, then a big smile from a Mum with a young kid, then two boys selling phone products stopped me in the shopping centre to ask about it.

I had assumed that not many people would take notice of it, or would presume it was some sort of band promo or the like. I mean, I don't look like most people's idea of a breeder/feeder. And the shirt doesn't have any reference to breastfeeding, so I figured it would be read as a little ambiguous. It seems I was wrong.


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