Thursday, May 25, 2006

Still musing upon Maternity

Was feeling a little odd after 'baby' posting yesterday. Then started re-reading my dissertation from my Honours year, and stumbled across:

'In particular, non-procreative female sexuality is often viewed as negative or frivolous: Elisabeth Wilson asserts that the evolutionary argument that relegates female sexuality to the sphere of reproduction restricts the interpretation of data on the subject; Carter points to lesbian ways of bodily experience as a site offering subversive meanings for the act of breastfeeding; and lactation pornography wilfully celebrating milkiness outside of biological parenthood is still marginal at best (Bartlett). Halberstam and Livingstone put forth that biological reproduction is ‘merely one possible function of one possible kind of fucking, as well as merely one of the many kinds of reproduction required to perpetuate the code of the human’ (12).'

Much to muse upon still...

partial ref, badly formatted:
Bartlett, Alison. Breastwork: Rethinking Breastfeeding. Sydney: UNSW Press, 2005
Halberstam, Judith and Livingstone, Ira (eds). "Introduction: Posthuman Bodies." Posthuman Bodies. USA: Indiana Universiy Press, 1995.


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