Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Inducing LactoGrrl

Have been putting myself through quite a bit lately, and finally cracked it seems and come down with an ouchy old sinus infection and a mild case of sulky old melancholy. A trip overseas, starting PhD, breaking up with longterm partner, various art projects, moving house (and crashing on a lot of lounges inbetween), hook suspension, graduation, 'take-down scene' performance, and a deliciously kinky new Boy to share it all with- its all positive (even the odd seemingly negative bit) but more than a little draining too!!! Time to put on the brakes for a couple of weeks I think...

I have the pump (just needs a new powercord). I have access to the drugs if necessary. I have the 'Milk Tea' (fenugreek, caraway, aniseed and milk thistle? from memmory). And I have the Boy willing to lend a helping mouth in the suckling department. All set to go.

Tentative start date for Inducing LactoGrrl: June 13th.

Sooner than I originally planned, but getting a bit impatient really. And will give me a nice distraction while I do my literature review!


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