Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Abstract For A Conference Paper Yet To Be Written

Making Myself Milky: Exploring the Auto-Erotics of Induced Lactation

This paper will explore the auto-erotics of lactation, from inside a milky body. It is the result of my own induced lactation project, which I engaged in for a number of reasons- including a curiousity regarding the erotic potential of making myself milky.

'My breasts are full again and I reach for the gender-neutral coloured plastic sucking device and rhythmically squeeze my milk out into the bottle. Ten minutes each side, then unscrew the lid and drink my own sweet liquid. Aaaaah...

In certain ways it is similar to masturbation. Satisfying most of the time, a beautiful act of auto-eroticism and self-care, a treat to relieve horniness or the desire to be touched or boredom. There is a 'money shot', a release of tension, and milk is just as likely to glue your magazine pages together as most other bodily substances.'

I am eating myself out, seduced by my own juices. I do not need to connect with another body in order to lactate, I pump away on my own and consume my own body fluid. When the pump loses its grip on the breast, slips and lets milk flow over my chest or spray onto my thigh, this is erotic. When I sit naked and allow the milk to trickle and drip across my flesh, course
in viscous rivers all down my stomach, this is erotic. When I lie in the bath and squeeze my milk into the water, clouding it and softening my skin, this is erotic. The temperature, the taste, the smell, the buildup of tension, the erect nipple, the engorgement, the fullness to bursting point, the letting go of letdown, the impulses that take over and give you no option other than to give in- all of this is erotic. Female orgasm often causes lactating breasts to ejaculate their fluid, and increases the amount of milk produced. Oxytocin is released with each let down, and the hormone works on the uterus as well as the breast to produce contractions that may last up to 20 minutes beyond stimulation. The stickiness and the seepages and the spillages and the spurtings are sometimes self-servingly sexual.


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